The Path to Sustainability



Lately I have been feeling a particular motivation to make my life more environmentally-friendly than it is. I also find myself frustrated by the amount of things I have that I do not love. So those are another two goals I’m slowly working toward:

  1. Make home more sustainable
  2. Get rid of things I hate or even dislike, replace with things I love and will continue to love

These goals are going to be a bit of a slow burn, since both things require money to complete. However! I did kick it off by buying a set of glass food containers. They were on sale for $29 somethin’, so I grabbed them. I’ve got so many lists between Amazon and Etsy, so I’ll spare you from having to read all the items. I’ll just share a few.

My work has also kindly allowed me to borrow one of the sewing machines, which I am intending to learn how to use this summer. I found two very cute baby tutorials I would like to try in addition to finishing my rocking chair reupholster.

We’ve been using the homemade laundry detergent for about four days now, and it’s working great!

That’s what’s new for now. Catch y’all later.


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